SRL Diagnostics — Wrong Tests done for COVID-19

I enquired for COVID-19 tests at SRL centers and most centers said there were no available KITs. Then finally i got a call from SRL who forwarded my number to someone who asked if i was looking for a COVID-19 test. He came to my house for collection of sample and collected blood ( I was not aware that COVID-19 testing can only be done thru swab) and 3 days later I was given an IL-6 test result which is just an indication of any viral infection and not COVID in specific. I had been specifically looking for a COVID-19 testing which was not done and the SRL person collected INR 4000 for a test which shows nothing in specific.

Now when i call them, they are saying that this test shows if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and that is why we told you its a COVID-19 test and this will not tell you if you are COVID positive or negative, that is only done in govt testing centers.

Not only is this pathetic service, this is Fraud too

State: Tripura

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